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Monday, December 3, 2012

Beginning to Look like Christmas

Despite the warm temperatures here in Central Ohio, we are getting in the Christmas Spirit.

This will be our first Christmas in our home.  We unpacked all our Christmas boxes and realized that we have way too much stuff.  Seriously, it is crazy how much we have.  We could decorate several houses!

Now a few things need to be factored into all the extra décor items.

  • Our house is significantly smaller.
  • Our taste has changed.
  • Our desire for a simple holiday season and simple decorating.

Enough chatter, here are a few shots of our house as we get ready for Christmas.

Christmas start 060

Christmas start 081

Christmas start 068

Christmas start 072

Christmas start 075

Christmas start 077

Christmas start 059

It’s a start!  Hopefully, this post finds you in the Holiday Spirit!


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Polly said...

looks so pretty Shannon! I haven't even started my house yet! Actually, I just put all my pumpkins away last night!! {can't believe I just admitted that}

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