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Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Metallic Finish

Apparently in my effort to get caught up on posts this week, I sent two yesterday.  I didn’t even know that could happen.  If you missed the second one, be sure to catch it here.

As a follow up to that post, I want to share my opinion of a new paint that I tested.

Metallic finishes are all the rage.  I love the look and went in search of a deep silver, graphite, smoke color.

Martha Stewart has a line at Home Depot and offers many colors.  I read a few reviews and they were mixed.  I decided to seek out the brand Modern Masters.  I found it locally.

The store is discontinuing this brand and many were on sale.  Many colors were also sold out.  I settled on Steel Grey.

Okay, on with the paint.

Laura & Pantry 038

This beat up table sits in our foyer.  I painted it with Milk Paint and did not like it.  Rather than fix it, I simply left it, until today.  This seemed like the perfect test table.

choir concert 038

This is with one coat.  Now this paint is semi-opaque.  It does not cover but does leave a beautiful shine.

choir concert 039

Since I couldn’t leave it alone, I applied another coat.

Smoke mettaliacs 006

Smoke mettaliacs 008

Smoke mettaliacs 010

I must say, I like it much better with two coats.  My daughter made the rooster – how cute is that?

I wasn’t completely sold on the paint.  So, I tried it out again.

Laura & Pantry 011

An oak pedestal table.

Smoke mettaliacs 011

First, I painted Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Graphite.  Just one coat.

Smoke mettaliacs 012

graphite 001

graphite 002graphite 003

It was perfect over the Graphite.  It gave it a beautiful, metallic sheen.

The color is hard to capture.  It goes on very streaky.  You can see it in these photos.  The table is also a bit wet, since I wanted to snap the picture before dark.

This is the Steel Grey, semi-opaque by Modern Masters.  I would recommend it over a dark paint only.  It provides a rich, metallic finish.  I will see how it wears over time.

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