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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Our Chili Cook Off

Last Friday we hosted both girls’ soccer teams for an end of season Chili Cook Off.  It was the first official gathering at our new home.  I’m certain it will become an annual event!


There were 12 varieties of chili brought in crockpots.  It’s amazing how different each one was.

After the kids were fed and off playing flashlight tag, the adults were encouraged to sample and vote.

chili cookoff 005

I’ve never hosted a cook off before, so I was winging it!

chili cookoff 004

Each chili was assigned a number and had a coordinating basket.  Then each person had 3 colored tickets.

Red- Spiciest

Blue- Best Overall

Green- Most Original

Once people had sampled all 12, they dropped the tickets in the corresponding basket.

Prizes were donated by team members.

chili cookoff 009

The prizes included lots of Bath & Body Works goodies and gift cards!  Not too shabby!

Here are a few pictures of the set-up.

chili cookoff 001

Our pavilion with electric.

chili cookoff 006

chili cookoff 003

It was a cold night so we put a tarp up to block the wind.

chili cookoff 008

We had random tables with bales of straw for seating.  Everyone brought chairs.

chili cookoff 011

The industrial cart was used for the kids drink station.

chili cookoff 014

Hubby kept everyone warm with a roaring fire.

chili cookoff 016

Our back patio became the s’mores station.

chili cookoff 020

The banner Polly made for me, helped add some decoration.

chili cookoff 023

A birthday cake for my 12 year old rounded out the night.

We enjoyed having people to our outdoor party area.  Hope to do it again!

PS- Sorry, no one is sharing their recipes!


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Unknown said...

wow, wnat a perfect party pad, especially in the cooler months with the firepit and pavilion! looks like fun! nice job!

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