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Monday, November 12, 2012

I Painted WHAT?

Happy Monday All,
We had a wonderful, warm and productive weekend here in Columbus, Ohio.  I attended the Annual NAWN Fashion Show on Saturday.  This terrific event raised money for The YWCA.  Since it was at a country club, I scraped the paint from my hands and got out of my sweats.  Everyone involved with the show did a fantastic job and it was a perfect afternoon.
My fancy moment was short lived, I was back in sweats 4 hours later and was in project mode.
I am a firm believer that paint can change ANYTHING!  We have all seen wood furniture, countertops and appliances transformed with a little paint.  I have also seen fabric painted, but have never tried it.  Until Friday (& Saturday).
I picked up this chair nearly 2 years ago!
Chair 003
Straight from Edith Bunker’s home.  As you can see I started to paint the base of the chair with Chalk Paint.
My first step was to paint the chair in Annie Sloan Pure White.  I chose to heavily distress and then wax.
Chair 004
Chair 008
Then on to the fabric.  The cushion and base soaked up the paint.  Rather than waste my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, I made my own chalk paint with an oops paint from Home Depot and Unsanded Grout.  The color is a soft grey.
Chair 011
Chair 014
chair 010
chair 011
All painted and complete!
Now for the review:
  • The cushion took a TON of paint!  Several coats were needed to cover the ugly original fabric.
  • The fabric had a texture to it, so the finished product does as well. 
  • To answer a question on FB – it is not crunchy.  It has a vinyl feel, but is not crunchy.
  • I tested it myself wearing black and no paint or residue came off on my clothing.
  • I did not wax it.
  • We are keeping the chair, for now, and it will be kid tested.
Overall, I am happy with the project.  From a gal who cannot sew, this gives me another option for all my castoff gems.  It took more time than a regular project of this size, but it was easy.  I cannot stress enough just how much paint this project consumed.  Be prepared.
Again, here is the before and after.
Chair 003
chair 011
Loving that you can paint ANYTHING!
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Polly said...

looks amazing! so good to hear it is not crunchy......I always had it in my head that it would be!! thanks for sharing!!

Eclectic Chic said...

I am so happy you tried it! Now I know it can be done! Looks fantastic as always!

Eclectic Chic said...

Shannon - finished the Cedar Chest that I bought the day I ran into you on the North side of Columbus. It turned out fabulous. I just posted a blog about it. Forgot the before photos but you saw it Before! It is already sold and my customer is supposed to pick it up this week. I wish you could have seen it at the mall but it is not making it there.

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

You really can paint anything and everything! Nicely done!

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