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Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Can Sew!

Well, this old gal, learned a new hobby yesterday!  Yes, folks it is never too late to pick up a new trade. 

Look what I made:

sewing 2 011

At the beginning of the year, one of my resolutions was to take a sewing class.  It has been my resolution for 10+ years!  This year, I signed up in January, only to have the class cancelled due to a school delay.

Fast forward to November when I attended NAWN’s Fashion Show.  In the silent auction was a 2-hour class in your home.  Yep, just me and the sewing lady.  Surely, I could learn how to sew with that attention.

Yesterday, Michelle came over and whipped me into shape.  She was amazing. She was patient, helpful and encouraging.  She may become my new BFF, I was so smitten with her!

sewing 004

I went to Hobby Lobby with the list Michelle gave me and gathered my materials.  Isn’t that fabric darling? 

When Michelle arrived I was ready.  She walked me through every step – showing me what each knob and button did.  I even changed the needle.  She suggested changing the needle after 12 or so hours, I have had my machine since 2000 and have never changed the darn thing!

sewing 009

We measured.

sewing 010


sewing 011


It looks like Michelle is doing all the work.  Don’t be fooled, she would show me and then have me do the work!

sewing 013

Really, I did make this pillow!  Michelle just assisted!

sewing 015

How stinkin cute are those pom poms.  Not that easy, but so worth it!

sewing 2 002

sewing 2 009

I had to try it out on different chairs.

sewing 2 011

Ladies, I am so excited to get my sewing on!  I must say, this was the best way to learn for me.  I needed the one-on-one, hands on teaching.  She even left me a supply/tool list, an equation to calculate yardage and some helpful websites.

If you are local, Michelle teaches classes in the Clintonville area.  I am already planning to take a class and shop Sew-to-Speak.  She has a website, Baby Gee.

I am planning to get some more fabric and try it again, without Michelle.  She said, you can’t mess it up cause you can always rip out the stitch.  I say that to everyone who asks me about painting – you can always repaint!  It is a freeing approach to the creative process.

Whew, I get to cross off a new year’s resolution just in the nick of time!



Sharon Kwilter said...

Sewing can be a very addicting hobby. Enjoy it.

Michelle Thomas said...

Yay for you! and I did not realize you were taking my picture that often. You should have said "Cheese!" so I could smile!! I hope to see you again in another class...Cheers! Michelle :)

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