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Monday, November 19, 2012

Amazing Furniture Set!

Happy Monday!

I received a request for a custom paint job.  I will meet with Jenny today to sort out the details.  I promise to share photos along the way.

I must say this is the most amazing set of furniture I have ever seen.  I can hardly wait to restyle it!


The whole set.




Look at the detail!  Swoon.


The amount of storage is incredible.


Detail -  oh my!




The mirror is unreal.

We have a pretty tight turn around, so this will be what consumes me for the next few weeks.

I am thrilled to have this opportunity!

Before I begin, I will be updating my space at Heritage Square Antique Mall today.  Bringing in lots of goodies for all you holiday decorators and shoppers!

Enjoy the day!



Eclectic Chic said...

Wow! That is a fabulous set. I doubt we will be seeing much of you for awhile. lol

Jamie said...

OMG - what an incredible project this is going to be

Unknown said...

Wow! BIG project!! I am sure you will make it look amazing! Can't wait to see the after because the before is pretty gorgeous as is!!

Anonymous said...

Oh.My.Goodness. It is such a gorgeous set... I don't envy you having to paint all of that but I cannot wait to see what you do with it... It's incredible! - Susan

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