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Friday, November 2, 2012

A Week in Review

I was reminded by a few friends that I was taking the week off.  That’s why I love this blog, it holds me accountable.

I didn’t really take the week off.  I started off on Monday declaring a vacation day.  All I did was catch up on my dvr, magazines and mail.  I did not cook dinner and did not paint a thing. 

By Tuesday morning, after I fixed my daughter’s curtains, I was ready to paint.

cutains 004

You can see I got started with my new Annie Sloan color.

barn sale 001

Then I gave this little guy some more love with Annie Sloan Emperor Red and dark wax.

When I waited forever for paint to dry in the cold, wet weather, I simply moved on to these projects.

green 018

And this major project:

green 003

Why did I think I could fix this settee?  Hubby hates it and has requested it gets tossed with the trash.  I took that as a challenge.

green 010

So far I have painted it black.  It looks a lot better already.  Now I am left with the upholstery job.  Not sure how I will proceed since I have never done this before.  Hmmm…

To end the week, we are hosting a Chili Cook Off tonight for both soccer teams.  Cross your fingers that the weather cooperates for the 100 people attending!

Lastly, I will have a 12 year old on Sunday.  My oh my!

When I spell out the week, complete with Halloween and teacher conferences and the regular daily grind, it doesn’t appear I took any time off! 

I may have to declare a sick day on Monday.  Maybe that will give me a break!

Speaking of Monday…be sure to stop in Monday morning as I kick off an amazing giveaway.  I went to a party last night and fell in love.  I am so excited to share and give you a chance to fall in love too!

Have a wonderful, relaxed weekend! 



Eclectic Chic said...

I took the week off too with blogs and only wrote ONE!!! But like you I had trick or treating with 5 children, teacher conferences, painting in the chilly gargae and more!! I do not think you and I get the breaks we need!

Your projects look great! I am working on a huge china cabinet with convex glass doors! Wow!

J.J. said...

That desk is stunning. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

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