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Monday, November 26, 2012

A Lazy Break

Welcome back!  I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday!  It’s a nice relaxing weekend, before the chaos of the holidays descend upon us.

We took relaxing to a whole new level.  Many would say we were lazy!  I enjoyed every minute of it!  I am not one to sit idle for too long, so I threw in a few uneventful projects.  But mainly I found things I could do while sitting my booty in front of the TV all day on Saturday.

Is it wrong that I enjoy College Football Saturday more than turkey day?

Well, I got my craft on, while watching many good games.  This allowed me to justify my position on the couch.

booth post armoire 011

First came the banner.  I pinned a great website that offers every letter for download.  You can find it here and make your own.

booth post armoire 028

You have seen the sheet music/book page wreaths and I made a few more JOY banners.  You can add a little sparkle any where!

Misc found 020

Sheet music, different sized punches, glitter and scrabble letters = MERRY CHRISTMAS banner.

Misc found 021

Close up

Misc found 019

More glitter and sheet music = gift tags.

Pinterest has wonderful ideas for crafts and holiday decorating.  So as you’re getting in the Holiday spirit be sure to explore.  It’s a great lazy way to accomplish something.

My laziness has ended.  I have started on the huge furniture project, preparing my home for Christmas and shopping.  It’s so good to take a break every once in a while to rejuvenate the spirit!


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