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Friday, November 30, 2012

A Do Over

Good Morning!

One of the downfalls to having a booth in the antique mall is that my stuff can get beat up.  People drag things, move items around and sometimes leave items behind.  From time to time I will find candy wrappers in bowls, on top of tables and of course the floor.

I can pick up the candy wrappers.  However, when someone spills soda and leaves it on top of a finished table, not much I can do about it.

Really folks, people are that disrespectful.

Enough of my rant.

Chair 010

My first paint job was done in Annie Sloan’s Provence.

I sanded the soda syrup off and decided to dress it up in red.

booth post armoire 003

booth post armoire 004

I decided to go for the shabby look and rubbed back the red paint to let the blue/aqua come through.

booth post armoire 005


She’s available for $32!  The perfect little accent table.


Make it a great day & don’t spill soda on any furniture!



RoseMary said...

Yes, people don't think past what they are doing. But I love the color. I didn't see a picture of the little sign things hanging with letters on them. Love your site.

dwatson4036 said...

That is so rude! Here's to people wising up! Did the Santa advent sell or did you move it??

Maureen said...

Ugh. I so sympathize. I was in my shop yesterday and dealt with some of the same stuff. Nothing as bad as your table though!

Polly said...

Can I join your rant?!?! Keely went there yesterday and said there was big toy truck in the center of our booth with almost all of our smalls all over the floor as if someone let their kid play with everything and then just left it sitting there!!

I can't believe someone spilled pop and just walked away. Hard to believe. BUT I do believe it.

Your little table looks very cute with it's new look! So sorry you had to do double effort though!!

How is your Flava Flav necklace working out?!?!?!



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