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Friday, October 5, 2012

The Show starts Today–have a look

Hello All,

When this actually posts, the show will have started!  I am so excited!  I went up yesterday to put some finishing touches on my space.  I thought I would share and encourage all local gals to venture out to Mt. Vernon. It’ll be worth the trip!

final prep 004

final prep 008

final prep 006

final prep 007

I squeezed in just a touch of Christmas – just to get you started.

final prep 022

final prep 003

Lavender is wonderful.

final prep 005

I mainly stuck with a fall theme.  The banner was made by my friend Polly.  It dresses up the space perfectly.

final prep 007

final prep 014

final prep 009

final prep 013

final prep 021

The bags are stamped and ready to be filled.

final prep 023

I saw the other folks setting up and was just amazed.  I must carve out time to shop!


I will continue to share photos on FB today and tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!



Kristen (Swell Dwellings) said...

Looks fantastic! Hope the show is super successful for you!

hope and erock said...

It looks amazing, you did a really fabulous job! I so wish I could come, but I live in Colorado!

Jamie said...

Good luck! It looks amazing.

Polly said...

looks great Shannon! you have worked so hard!! can't believe it's finally here!!

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