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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Our Chickens

When I run into friends, blog friends or complete strangers that follow Vintage Restyled, they all ask about the chickens!  I haven’t shared an update in a while. 

Chicks 007

I picked these little cuties up from the post office just 6 weeks ago.  They were 24 hours old.

chix coop 033

There’s Hubby building the chicken coop.

prep for barn sale 002

We had a few nice days last week, so I opened the door and let them run wild.

prep for barn sale 005

At first only one came out.  She ran all over the yard. They are fast!

For their protection (and my sanity), we needed to build a run for them.  An area that is completely enclosed so no predators will get them.  Our dog is the biggest threat!

chicken run 022

This is day 1.

chicken run 026

Now they have a red door.

The area where we placed the coop and the run has a concrete base.  We cannot figure out what this area was, but not much was growing in the space when we bought the house.  It turned out to be a perfect spot for the chickens.  Predators will burrow, but not here because of the concrete.  Perfect!

chicken run 040

Hubby was assisted by all the gals in the Gabor house. 

chicken run 046

Now when I am home, I can open the little door and they have a secure area to explore.

chicken run 043

A little fact I found interesting: when building the run, you cannot use chicken wire.  I guess you can only use chicken wire on memo boards!  Actually, it’s too pliable and the rotten raccoons can bend the wire.  Who knew?

Boxes 001

We do love our chickens.  We hope to get a few eggs as soon as December.

Have a good Tuesday!


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