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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

No Sew Curtains

I have said it too many times…I can’t sew.

It has been an issue on many occasions.  In fact, I must shy away from many DIY projects that involve fabric and a machine.

When we moved into our home in August, the sewing issue once again popped up.  I hadn’t really considered curtains or window treatments for our home.  We did not need them for privacy and I was enjoying the nice wood trim and the view out the windows.  But daughter #1 needed them to block the morning sun.

I grabbed three plain white panels (can’t recall where) and she threw them up on the existing rods.

cutains 006

Isn’t that delightful?

That is how it’s looked since the end of August.  Momma has been focused elsewhere.  Poor thing.

I decided to do something about it.

cutains 006

I pulled the curtains down so they were flush with the carpet.  Using Duck Tape, I marked off the desired length.  I removed the curtain, laid it on the ground and pretended I could cut a straight line.

Then I used the greatest invention ever!

cutains 017

I folded the curtains to the desired length and used Heat n Bond.  All you need is an iron.

cutains 010

How cool is that?

I did three windows in about an hour, including my lazy attempt to iron the wrinkles.

cutains 011

cutains 012

cutains 009

cutains 006cutains 009

The Heat n Bond was purchased for a few bucks from JoAnn’s.  It worked perfectly.  The imperfections are from my cutting, measuring and the very old and not level windows!

Stay warm on this Halloween!


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