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Monday, October 8, 2012

How was the show?

I had planned to skip a post for today but I had to share about The Show, right?  I can’t leave you in suspense!

The Rural Society Antique & Garden Show was Friday and Saturday.  It was my first show as a vendor.  I had no idea what to expect.


show 003

We were ready.  We were busting at the seams with stuff!  I didn’t know what to bring, so I brought 2 stores worth of furniture, plus tons of smalls.

show 015

Newly finished items all made their debut.  Lets ignore my reflection.  I should not be in any photos taken before noon.

show 019

We loaded up with restyled goodies.

show 020

Friday we had a big rush, early in the day.  Saturday was consistently busy right up until the end.

Without anything to compare it to, I have to say it was a success.  We moved furniture along and restocked with smalls.  In preparation for the show, I hauled a 26 foot truck and multiple van loads.  To go home took 3 van loads.

Highlights of the show included interacting with customers.  It was great to meet blog followers, talk with other DIYers, get feedback on my furniture and know that my work is now in peoples homes.

Many blog followers traveled for the show.  I absolutely loved meeting each person!  I have to mention a blog follower that drove all the way from Cleveland-Angela.  She was a hoot!  She made Vintage Restyled her home base as she shopped the show with her mom.  She had great vision and was piecing items together.  She kept Suzanne and I entertained!  I can’t wait to see how she pulls her dining room all together.

Rural set up 007

She went home with the hutch.

I plan to share tips on doing a show (before I forget), a couple of shots of other vendors (when I had a chance to snap pics) and what I have left for sale.

One tip I cannot forget is having a friend work with you!  Suzanne was awesome.  She worked the booth better than I did!  She laid on the southern charm and moved items right along!  She offered suggestions, managed checkout and talked up Vintage Restyled better than I could!  I could not have done the show without her!

This week I plan to catch up on life! 


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Anonymous said...

If by hoot, you mean annoying as a gnat and by home base, you mean she would NOT leave us alone; than indeed you are quite accurate. ;)

You & Suzanne are the absolute sweetest! I so appreciate your kindness and willingness to humor me and help me with my vision. After all that hard work, the hubs wants to try and hang it on the wall. Geesh, he has no idea how burdensome I was to you all.

I will definitely send pics of the finished room. I am way excited about your barn sale and may have to make another road trip south. Your pieces are awesome and playfully restyled!

Thanks again...truly.

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