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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Clearing Out

When I started this hobby, now business, I worked from my garage.  In my hunt for treasures, I filled the garage quickly with cast-off furniture.  To save my marriage, I found a storage unit.  It was a garage at an apartment complex.  I quickly filled that too.

When we got the house ready to sell, I had to clean out the garage and storage was maxed out.

We have had a lot going on the last few months, so my treasures just stayed in storage and I quickly forgot what I even had in there!

The time has come…move the crap treasures along.  Time to decide what stays, what gets painted and what moves to the trash.

storage 005

storage 006

I had tossed in Christmas finds, lots of lake scores and junk.  Yes, there was junk.

Look at this darling vanity-

storage 013

I didn’t even know it was in there!

storage 016

I found 3 beds.  Yes people – three.

storage 021

This industrial cart was such a great find 2 summers ago.  I never did a thing with it.

storage 018

You all know how I love a barn door.  I had another one in storage.  It was too big to move, so Hubby to the rescue.

storage 019

Now we have 2 barn doors.

storage 022

Some stuff didn’t make the cut.  The apartment complex has a dump zone, which I filled.

storage 014

The red tag was dated 2010.  This hit the trash.


Just to keep it real, this is what my barn looks like.

storage 024

I will be sorting all week(end) long and planning a BARN SALE for this month.


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Anonymous said...

I am totally in love with that vanity !!! How much will that be??? Tammy

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