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Monday, October 1, 2012

Building a Chicken Coop

This is the week of The Rural Society Show!  Lots to do and lots to share!  But before the focus is only on the show, I must share our Chicken Coop!

As you know we got 6 chicks about a month ago.  They grew quickly and so did the need to get them out of the house.

Hubby rocked it out all weekend.  The chicks slept in their new place last night.  I will let the pictures tell the rest of the process.

chix coop 021

Using wood we had he started Saturday morning.

chix coop 022

We wanted a window for our little gals.  Hubby snagged one at The ReStore (Habitat for Humanity).

chix coop 025

With his helper, Hubby framed the entire structure on Saturday.

chix coop 028

This will be its location in the yard.  This was a garden at some point and has a concrete slab.  This will hopefully help keep the predators out.

chix coop 029

We have 3 nesting boxes.

DAY 2:

Continuing where he left off, Hubby got busy again.

chix coop 033

We wanted the coop to look like it belonged, Hubby found roof shingles in the barn.

chix coop 034

chix coop 042

The “roof” on the nesting boxes is hinged so we can easily collect the eggs.

chix coop 045

chix coop 054

Using siding found in the barn, the coop matches our house.

chix coop 046

Our little chicks were crammed in this bin.  Last night they moved into their new home.

chix coop 052

Laminate flooring covers the wood on the bottom for easy cleaning.

chix coop 053

There is more to do, but I think he did a terrific job in just 2 days.

The coop will be completely fenced in, creating a run for the chickens and protection.

We read a lot about building coops and our friends with chickens were a big help. 

I just checked and they survived the night!

Have a great Monday!



Unknown said...

wow! amazing progress for one weekend! and it's so cute too!

Jamie said...

What lucky chicks - they have an awesome new home.

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