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Monday, October 15, 2012

A Gallery Wall

Hello There,

We enjoyed a beautiful Fall weekend here in Ohio.  It was warm and sunny and picturesque.  I attempted to get a photo for our holiday card.  While the weather was perfect, cooperation by my 10 year old was not.


How hard is it to smile and not touch your sister? Really?

Since I have pictures on the brain, I want to share our gallery wall.

I have read multiple (hundreds) of tips on setting up a wall.

Wall Groupings. Love that it tells you the fame size and how many.

How to Hang a Wall Collage

Both from Pinterest.

I have never been one to read directions.  I like to jump right in and fix later.  In one of the tutorials I read, it was suggested that the pictures stay 2” apart.  That was my only guide when setting up my wall.

Of course, I failed to grab a ruler.  Just a level (which has a ruler, that I didn’t use – duh!).

b10 001

Blank wall.  This is our entry wall.

b10 002

We gathered the pictures that were in black frames.  Not all matching, just similar frames.

b10 003

We started with the largest piece – the mirror and placed it in the center of the entry way.  We did not center it on the wall!

b10 004

We added photos.  Our method was this:

Hubby: Do you like it here?

Me: Yep

Not too scientific at the Gabor house!

b10 006

b10 007

We will be adding as we evolve. 

When we moved, we lost a ton of wall space.  I have a feeling we will have many gallery walls in the house.  My only tips are these:

1. Group similar frames

2. I like the pictures 2” apart – use a similar method of choice

3. Start with a focal piece

You can find complete tutorials and other inspiration on my Pinterest boards.

Hope you’re off to the start of a great week!


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Eclectic Chic said...

You are like me Shannon! I do not like to read instructions first either!

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