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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our Latest Addition

Thanks for all your great feedback on my office reveal!  I am motivated to finish it off and move on.

I had planned to get a few things done yesterday but then a little package arrived. 

Chicks 006

Chicks 007

Six darling little chicks.  They are just 1 day old.

  • Three Leghorns (yellow) – they produce white eggs
  • Three Easter eggers (mix)- produce multi-colored eggs

Chicks 008

Food and water is all they need.  Along with a heat lamp to keep them toasty warm.

We have some names…

  • Tilly (she’s mine)
  • Scrambled (G’s)
  • Sammy (K’s)
  • Harriett (Hubby’s)
  • Chubs
  • Pokey

Chicks 013

Stay tuned, this is sure to be an adventure!


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