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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Office Reveal

I am thrilled to share a house project!  I am so excited that one space is complete.  Well, complete might be overzealous. 

When we moved we lost nearly 1800 sq ft.  We are utilizing every inch we have in our new place.  We are even getting creative with spaces.

Since we moved a week before school started, I was adamant about having a landing zone for all the paperwork.  I also needed a place to manage my life and business.

It was the first room we tackled.  This little nook is off the entrance.  It has a pocket door – huge space saver!

SALE 002

I believe the previous owners used this space as a dog zone.


SALE 003

First step was to clear the room and paint.

new house projects 009

The whole room received a coat of creamy white (same as the kitchen). 

Then we taped off the space and applied the house paint, Smoked Tan.

new house projects 021

I just love the stripes!

new house projects 023

We then measured the uneven wall and bought a piece of cabinet grade wood.  Primed and painted in a gloss white, it is now my desk!

Misc move 004

Using a quarter round trim, we painted and trimmed out the desk (attached to the wall).  Then we applied a half round trim piece to the front of the desk.  This finishes the desk perfectly.

b10 009

b10 008

I painted the cabinets and replaced the knobs.

b10 011b10 012

b10 009

It is still a work in progress but there is progress.

A few more items for the wall and I may call it complete and move on to the next room!

Have a great day!



Polly said...

looks great! I LOVE the stripes!

Andrea @ Decorating Cents said...

Perfect spot for an office. I love the stripes.

Elizabeth Allen said...

Oh, I love stripes, too! Can't wait to see the end result! Cheers.

Anonymous said...

how did you attach the desk to the wall?

James E Lutz said...

What an wonderful post. Thank you for the desks miami

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