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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Country Living

We have lived in the country for nearly 2 months.  With the move came a big lifestyle change.

new home 063

It takes 21/2 hours to mow and that’s with 2 mowers!  The girls dig it and are more than willing to do the work.

Chicks 007

We got 6 baby chicks.  Our hope is that they will lay eggs.  Of course, now we must build a chicken coupe.  Add that to the project list.

Dining Table 015Weeding 001

Weeding is a full time job that I have not mastered!  Those suckers return as soon as I pull them.

Dining Table 023

Look how big they are!

Dining Table 014

The fire pit was completely covered with branches, logs and debris. 

Georgie Emerson 043

We have several apple trees, so after picking all the apples, homemade applesauce was made.

Hubby has fond memories of canning at his grandparents.  He was eager to get started.  His mom came over to assist and make sure he did it correctly.

Groundhog 001

Delicious homemade applesauce.  So much better than store bought.

I’m getting adjusted to the animals that are calling our property home.  Though when Hubby caught the groundhog I was not sad to see him go!

Before you think we are hicks, regular life is a mile away.  Good shopping is 7 miles from here.

We are adjusting well to our new lifestyle.

Have a good day!



Anonymous said...

We moved from 10 acres in the country 3 years ago and I do miss it! It's so peaceful and quiet... I don't miss the skunks though! Enjoy! - Susan

Unknown said...

homemade apple sauce! yum!

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