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Monday, September 24, 2012

Chairs to go with the Table

Hello All!

I am actually pleased it’s Monday!  The girls are back in school, there are no soccer games – we had 5 this weekend, no volunteer commitments – I worked at the Annual New Albany Classic & Grand Prix on Sunday beginning at 7:30 am and now I can resume my normal schedule.  Whew.

What is normal?

Well, I wish I knew.  It has been a busy few months and now I am preparing for my first show!


Be sure to attend.  It will have an amazing group of vendors.

Before I share pictures of what I am bringing to the show, I thought I would share some chairs I completed.

On Friday, I shared our dining room table.

dining table 003

We obviously needed chairs to go with.  Since I have a soft spot for random chairs, I gathered what I had on hand and used the same painting technique for each one.

Chicks 010

I get giddy when I find matching chairs.

Dining Table 002

Using an oops paint in a pale blue shade, I paint directly on the wood.  No primer or sanding is done prior.

Once the blue is applied, I rough up the paint with a sanding block.

Dining Table 003

Then I paint with another oops paint in a light grey.

Dining Table 004

A little more sanding and then I apply a stain.  The left has the stain.

dining table 008

Remove the nasty fabric that came with the chair, add padding and finish with the fabric of your choice.  I chose a drop cloth to finish all the chairs.

dining table 007

dining table 006

I finished 5 chairs and am in search for one more.

dining table 003

I look forward to sharing a growing pile of finished goods!  These will be making their debut at the show!

Make it a great Monday!


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Polly said...

Hey Shannon, when you say oops paint, do you mean good old latex? And you didn't sand or prime first? I'm always nervous to not sand or prime, but you think it's ok? You are the expert, so I will try!

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