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Friday, September 28, 2012

Moving Again

Moving Out 014

The 26 foot truck is loaded with restyled goodness.

Last evening Hubby and I pulled restyled furnishings from Delaware and Tuttle Mall.  We will load from storage and the barn this morning and deliver to The Rural Society Show this afternoon.


Do not worry the show is next weekend!  They have staggered the delivery of larger items, so we are fortunate to get in there today!

I would love to say that moving gets easier after you do it as much as we have in the last 2 months.

It doesn’t.

Moving Out 012

There is always a hiccup! 

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Country Living

We have lived in the country for nearly 2 months.  With the move came a big lifestyle change.

new home 063

It takes 21/2 hours to mow and that’s with 2 mowers!  The girls dig it and are more than willing to do the work.

Chicks 007

We got 6 baby chicks.  Our hope is that they will lay eggs.  Of course, now we must build a chicken coupe.  Add that to the project list.

Dining Table 015Weeding 001

Weeding is a full time job that I have not mastered!  Those suckers return as soon as I pull them.

Dining Table 023

Look how big they are!

Dining Table 014

The fire pit was completely covered with branches, logs and debris. 

Georgie Emerson 043

We have several apple trees, so after picking all the apples, homemade applesauce was made.

Hubby has fond memories of canning at his grandparents.  He was eager to get started.  His mom came over to assist and make sure he did it correctly.

Groundhog 001

Delicious homemade applesauce.  So much better than store bought.

I’m getting adjusted to the animals that are calling our property home.  Though when Hubby caught the groundhog I was not sad to see him go!

Before you think we are hicks, regular life is a mile away.  Good shopping is 7 miles from here.

We are adjusting well to our new lifestyle.

Have a good day!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Show Prep & a Desk

With the client project delivered, I am focusing on The Rural Society Show.  This is my first show as a vendor.  I always attend and am in awe of the beautiful displays, the fabulous finds and the creativity that oozes from each booth.

Not sure how I will pull it together, but it has been a goal of mine to try out a new venue.  I’m excited to interact with customers.  It will be great to get feedback and see what people are drawn to.

I have started to compile a nice little stash of goodies that will debut at the show.

Shabby desk 011

It’s not organized or sorted, but I can tell you there are some great Ironstone sets and pieces on those shelves!

Shabby desk 007

Here is my growing pile of new finished goods.  I have to cover everything because there are bats in the barn.

Here is my latest finished item.

Shabby desk 009

This rounded desk has been transformed with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White.

Shabby desk 004

Shabby desk 002

A coordinating chair completes the set.

Shabby desk 006

Both items are chippy and lovely.

Shabby desk 009

I have stuff in the big barn, my barn and the garage.  Yikes!

I will be clearing out storage and pulling from both the Delaware and Tuttle locations. Lots of Restyled and collected treasures will be with me at the show!


Hope you’ll join me!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A New Dresser

I have a makeover to share that I just love.  It feels like a brand new dresser!

A friend is in the process of making over her daughter’s bedrooms.  She has beautiful, solid Ethan Allen furniture that she wanted to restyle.

Groundhog 003

Forgive me, I started and then took the picture.  Rookie mistake.

Ava 001

One coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White and the dresser is already transformed.  A second coat was applied, then a coat of wax, distressing and another coat of wax. 

jennifer 001

This is a big dresser!  The great thing about it is it’s in perfect shape.  What a change from my usual projects.

friday frenzy 003

Here she is with two coats before the distressing.

friday frenzy 019

friday frenzy 020

friday frenzy 023

And here she is in the little girl’s room.

Ava 001

The hardware is original, just painted and waxed.

Ava 002

It has a nice coordinating mirror that received the same treatment.

Ava 005

Ava 006

We picked up this piece with its coordinating mirror and delivered it 8 days later.  Whew.  That is the beauty of Chalk Paint.

Hope she loves it as much as I do!

Make it a great day!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Chairs to go with the Table

Hello All!

I am actually pleased it’s Monday!  The girls are back in school, there are no soccer games – we had 5 this weekend, no volunteer commitments – I worked at the Annual New Albany Classic & Grand Prix on Sunday beginning at 7:30 am and now I can resume my normal schedule.  Whew.

What is normal?

Well, I wish I knew.  It has been a busy few months and now I am preparing for my first show!


Be sure to attend.  It will have an amazing group of vendors.

Before I share pictures of what I am bringing to the show, I thought I would share some chairs I completed.

On Friday, I shared our dining room table.

dining table 003

We obviously needed chairs to go with.  Since I have a soft spot for random chairs, I gathered what I had on hand and used the same painting technique for each one.

Chicks 010

I get giddy when I find matching chairs.

Dining Table 002

Using an oops paint in a pale blue shade, I paint directly on the wood.  No primer or sanding is done prior.

Once the blue is applied, I rough up the paint with a sanding block.

Dining Table 003

Then I paint with another oops paint in a light grey.

Dining Table 004

A little more sanding and then I apply a stain.  The left has the stain.

dining table 008

Remove the nasty fabric that came with the chair, add padding and finish with the fabric of your choice.  I chose a drop cloth to finish all the chairs.

dining table 007

dining table 006

I finished 5 chairs and am in search for one more.

dining table 003

I look forward to sharing a growing pile of finished goods!  These will be making their debut at the show!

Make it a great Monday!


Friday, September 21, 2012

Our Dining Table

Out of desperation I found and finished a table.  We were desperate for a dining table where the 4 of us could sit down together for a meal. 

In our last home we had a round table that had seen better days. In our new place the space is not conducive to a round table.  So shopping I went.

house 006

I scored this cute little library table.  Here it is in progress.  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White was my color of choice.


Dining Table 006

Here she is painted, stripped and stained.  I like the dark walnut stain.  Not the stain and poly mix.  I have never had luck with that.

Dining Table 009

Instead of the poly mix, I coat the stained table top with two coats of wax.  Then buff it out.

Dining Table 018

Here she is in her spot.  She seats 6 comfortably.

dining table 003

It’s working for a dinner and homework hub.

I’ll be back to share my chairs next week.

Enjoy the weekend!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Painting a Dresser Twice

When I get pressed for time, the last thing I need to do is paint an item twice.

Well that is exactly what I did.

Painting frenzy 005

Here’s the dresser I snagged.  It’s very dated, so I decided to go with Annie Sloan Florence.

Painting frenzy 007

It is pretty bright and a bit ‘70’s looking, so out came the wax.

Ava 003

You can see the difference – the bottom is not waxed.

I have to say after all that work, I didn’t like it.  Can’t say why, but it just wasn’t doing it for me.

Now this is where I start to lose my mind!

black dresser 001

I painted her all black and then distressed, using a new technique.

black dresser 003

The aqua color comes through and in spots so does the wood.

black dresser 005

Numbered drawer pulls finish her off.

black dresser 006

Chippy and a bit funky.

black dresser 004

People love the beat up, funky finish.  I just created it with a bunch of different techniques.  Arriving at Heritage shortly.