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Sunday, August 12, 2012

We’ve Moved!

Hello All!

I am so excited to be sharing a post.  A week away and I feel so out of touch.  Hope you are all well and enjoying the remaining days of summer.

We are enjoying the days from our new house.  We are surrounded by boxes and living with tons of “extra” stuff.  Apparently I did not purge enough. (Hoarder)

This move was bittersweet.  We created a home that we loved, befriended many and grew very comfortable in the neighborhood.  It was hard to leave.

The main reason for our departure was land.  Hubby and I wanted 2+ acres.  We began the search in February.  The catch was we needed to stay in our school district.  This was not an easy task, so when something came available we knew we needed to jump.

Despite finding what we love, we still had trouble saying goodbye to the ‘hood.

new home 040

Our living room.

new home 041

new home 043

new home 038

The lockers that Hubby and I did.

house tour 037

A couple with a son will be moving in September 1.  We hope they enjoy the home as much as we did. 

I cannot wait to share some projects in progress at our new place!  We have many projects happening all at once, not sure what I will choose, but I am eager to share.

new home 004

Have a great day!  So glad to be back!



Lets just build a house! said...

i am a hoarder too i have decided. I need to get to purging!! congrats on the new home and having the extra space will be worth it!

Jamie said...

What a fantastic home! Good luck moving in.

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