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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Stepchild Update

Hi All!

It has been a busy few months here for both my family and my business.  As I put my girls on the bus for their second day of school, I hope to catch my breath. I hope.

The whirlwind started in May when we bought a farm, placed our house on the market and moved to the cottage.  During this time I was working toward the opening of Simply Vague in Delaware, July 1.


Shortly thereafter, I found out I would be part of The Rural Society Show in early October.  This was a goal of mine since January.  I am really looking forward to this!


During the chaos, Simply Vague announced its expansion and asked if I would supply furniture for the new location.  I am thrilled to be part of this venture!

Simply Vague will have its Delaware location – 37 N Sandusky St.

and now

Tuttle Mall in Dublin opening September 1.

The new location is 6,500 sq ft.  It’s huge.  It will feature unique work by all local artisans.  The same concept that was opened in Delaware, will now be at Tuttle Mall.

I delivered two van loads last week and will make three more trips before September 1. 

As a result of the chaos, I have let Heritage Square Antique Mall suffer.  My spaces have become the stepchild of Vintage Restyled.  Not any more!

Yesterday Amanda (my partner in B-10) and I got busy.

HSAM 056

I just love this armoire!  It offers storage and can fit a tv!  It’s finished in a light grey.

HSAM 057

New chalkboards and smaller items are sprinkled throughout!

HSAM 061

Horseshoes and vintage tools are available.

HSAM 059

While we were there, we cleaned up B-20.  As you know I plan to close in 10 days!

HSAM 052

See all those sale tags?  EVERYTHING is marked down.

HSAM 055

Lots of country chic items.

HSAM 053

It felt great to get back into Heritage.  This was my first location and I just love playing around with the goods.  I plan to be there weekly from here on out.

Thanks for your kind comments and wishes as Vintage Restyled branches out.  I appreciate your support more than I can express!



Polly said...

It was nice to see you and chat yesterday! I honestly don't know how you are in one piece right now! You've got soooo much going on! Good luck at the Tuttle location....I'm sure it will be great! It looks like a very cool space! I don't make it up that way too often, but I will have to make a little road trip!

Jacqueline said...

Every thing in your space looks lovely and it must be so exciting to be apart of the new place. I wish we had places like that by me.

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