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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First New Home Project

We moved 6 days ago.

We are fortunate that the many owners of our 1901 farm house, took pride and made several updates.

One room that was recently restyled was the kitchen.

interior of house 011

interior of house 013

SALE 012

Not too bad right?  The appliances are new, granite in good shape and the cabinets are high quality.

However, there are no knobs!  We could not open half the doors!  That just wasn’t going to work.

new house projects 036

I plan to keep my nails.  Surprise, there is no paint on them.

The obvious answer was to install hardware.  There are 19 cabinets and 18 drawers.  I made a template and purchased the hardware.  Hubby took the responsibility of drilling the holes.

I had to leave the room!

new house projects 035

Simple round knobs with an oil rubbed bronze finish were installed.

Misc move 012

Misc move 014

new home 028

As you can see, we selected the drawer pulls in the same finish.  I love the look of the different styles.

You can also see the new paint color.  It certainly brightens up the kitchen.

Obviously there was no staging involved, you can see bits and pieces of stuff everywhere. 

Hubby did a great job.  This was not an easy task.  It took 3 different lengths of screws and required precision.  So glad it was him and not me!

One project down.  Many more to follow.

Have a great day!



Polly said...

the paint color made a huge difference! very elegant and classy! the drawer pull installation does not sound like a fun job, however, it looks great! i love the styles you chose! have fun getting settled in!

Emma Ann Weatherly said...

Love it! You chose just the perfect hardware for a 1901 farmhouse/updated look!

Jamie said...

Great hardware choice and I Love the new paint color.

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