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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Country Living

This is how the country folk live.

HSAM 009

So peaceful.

HSAM 011

The kids love the John Deere.

HSAM 019

Hubby can always build a fire.  We have firewood for years.  See the tree house?

HSAM 025

Out of town friends fit right in to the country lifestyle.

HSAM 018

Our guest room

house 018

This is how we get the trash to the curb.

new home 058

This is how an 11-year old earns her cell phone.  She mows for an hour+.interior of house 061

The potty.

I was not compensated by John Deere for these photos.  Our girls jump on the tractor every chance they get.

We are adjusting to country living.

Have a great day!


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Anonymous said...

It seems like you've "adjusted" to country living very nicely. Please remember though to call your abode an "Estate". Is that clematis I see growing on the trelis by your patio? xo-Ra

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