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Monday, July 16, 2012

On the Road Again

Hi Friends!

I wish I had a makeover to share today.  I wish I had one for tomorrow, for that matter.  Instead of painting, I enjoyed a weekend (Thursday-Sunday) away with friends and family.

It was just what this tired gal needed.

While I did not paint, I did score some treasures!

Cue the Sanford & Son tune…

fifes at lake 006

A shot of the back of my van.

fifes at lake 005

A side shot.

No worries, my kids and dog traveled with Hubby.  I did not squeeze them in, they would have taken up too much space!

Instead of sharing a makeover, I will be sharing some found treasures this week.  As a special bonus my friend Cathy will be sharing photos of her home.  It is magnificent!  You will be blown away!

See you soon-


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Jamie said...

Hope you had a fun and relaxing time - we all need to get away from work once in a while.

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