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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Magnificent Home!

About a year ago I met a follower and fellow design junkie.  I loved her immediately.  This past spring I had the pleasure of swinging by her home.  It is stunning!

It is everything I pin on Pinterest, follow on blogs and long for in my home.  The only difference is that Cathy actually pulls it all together and lives this way!

I knew you had to meet Cathy and enjoy the fabulous way she lives.

My Background: I've been a nest featherer since I was 8 years old when I constantly changed around my bedroom (where my prize accessory was a Mark Spitz poster).  I have a teeny-tiny-only-when-people-come-knocking-but-i-seem-to-stay-busy design business called ROOST.  My design training came from my mother who was an amazing decorator in between folding our laundry and cooking. In real life, I am a mom to 3 growing-up-fast kids and a part-time faculty member at a local university where I love teaching Interpersonal Communication.


Part of our summers are spent in a remote Alaskan fishing village where we do Vacation Bible School, Basketball Camps, and have fun with our native Alaskan friends.  We lived in the bush in the summer of 2005 and I decorated our trailer with canned goods, Bisquick boxes, and kids' art.


My Style: Evolving Classic-Modern Farmhouse-Vintage with a touch of Belgium thrown in.  Lately I am taking away more than adding, giving the eye more places to rest. We live in an old home with little natural light which means I use light colored furniture and accessories, for the most part.  Dark fabrics, furniture and accessories tend to soak up light versus adding "light" to our space, if that makes sense.



My Inspiration: My mom, decorating blogs, magazines, other people's homes.




Where I Shop: Springfield Extravaganza, Vintage Restyled, TJ Maxx/Home Goods, Anthropologie.  I once bought the toolbox off the guy installing our air conditioner and furnace.

Thank you Cathy for sharing your magnificent home with us!  I told you all it was fabulous!  Check out more from Cathy at her two blogs:

Thanks for visiting!



Polly said...

very pretty! i love the story about the toolbox!

cathywhatisoldisnew said...

Just beautiful-she is one talented person!

ashley @ design build love said...

what a totally adorable home and I LOVE the banner in the bedroom!

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