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Friday, July 27, 2012

A Trip to HomeGoods

My visiting friend and I hit HomeGoods last night.  We were on a mission to find “orange” items.  My 10 year old is planning her bedroom makeover.  She wants all things orange.

If she was tres chic she would love Tangerine Tango.

So we shopped.

Lake Homeggods 009

Darling!  Don’t think I will be buying painted furniture.

Lake Homeggods 011

She is not a fan of the pink.  But she loves the chevron pattern.

Lake Homeggods 012

We found some funky bedding with shades of orange.

Lake Homeggods 014

The softest throw in a deep shade.  She was digging this.

Lake Homeggods 013

Alas, she loved this.  It’s a shower curtain, but a pair would make cute window treatments.

So what did I get?

Lake Homeggods 017

Oh yes I did!  I bought a pair of boots for me!  I will be so happy come fall.

Our HomeGoods is attached to a Marshalls.  You must shop both. It’s required.

Back to the drawing board for orange items!

Have a great weekend!



Polly said...

I love Home Goods soooo much! I was just there Tuesday when I got my hair cut at the Salon Loft right there. I can't wait to see this orange bedroom! Fun stuff....loving the chevron!

Eclectic Chic said...

Can't wait to see the finished room and the pieces YOU paint orange! lol! It will look fabulous just like all your other projects!

Lets just build a house! said...

GAH i love home goods and marshalls i wish so bad that we had ones that were attached!! jealous jealous.

I also went through an orange faze in my teens. i even begged my mom for a 25 dollar orange upholstered chair at a garage sale. man that thing was ugly but I got it!

My Rags to Riches said...

I love your blog.... I am fairly new to the Columbus area (I recently moved from Utah to Hilliard) If you don't mind me asking, where are good places around here to find treasures? Besides garage and estate sales, are there flea markets around town or something similar?

My Rags to Riches said...

I meant to also include, I am in the hunt for old wood antique kitchen utensils, especially a paddle cutting board. Do you know where I can find something like that?

Jessica Mainer said...

Thank goodness my nails were manicured for this photo-op! :D

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