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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I opened my first space at Heritage Square Antique Mall February 2011.

My space 055

I thought it was full when I opened.  Silly me.

The booth has changed so much in the past year and a half!  My style has evolved and so have my treasures!

summer store 013

Summer 2011

Last October I opened Vintage Restyled Too!  Located in B-20 of Heritage Square Antique Mall.  My goal was to move some larger pieces and then close it.

Vintage Restyled 2 001

This space has also evolved!

HSAM sale 015

May 2012

On July 1, 2012 I opened in Simply Vague in downtown Delaware.  I love the concept – all local artists in a wonderful setting.  Vintage Restyled provides furniture to this quaint shop.

red dresser 024teal desk 017

In October I will be participating in my first show!



I have a few more exciting opportunities in the works as well.  Oh yeah, and a move and new home…

While I’m excited about every step I have taken and will take, I must say I am a bit overwhelmed! 

I will be closing B-20 at Heritage Square Antique Mall on August 31.

Restocking B20 022

My plan is to mark items down and move them along.  Trust me, I do NOT have space in storage for more stuff!

I will be marking items down this week.  I will consider all offers on items marked $50 and above, so if you spy a treasure – it can be yours!

Updates on sale items will be posted frequently, however it’ll be worth a trip for the best selection!

Thanks for your continued support of Vintage Restyled!


Monday, July 30, 2012

Our New Home

Hello there!

We did it!  We bought our dream home.  6+ acres in our school district.

Whew- it’s been a long, difficult process and I’m still shocked that we made it to this point. 

Our Home

It was built in 1901 and has a barn older than that.

Here’s a complete look at the property that I got from the real estate agent.

This is a huge change of lifestyle for us.  It will be an adventure.

Needless to say, we will be hard at work putting our mark on the house.  We have already started painting!   Our move in date is a week and a half away, so we will be busy farm-living, DIYers!

Happy Monday!


Friday, July 27, 2012

A Trip to HomeGoods

My visiting friend and I hit HomeGoods last night.  We were on a mission to find “orange” items.  My 10 year old is planning her bedroom makeover.  She wants all things orange.

If she was tres chic she would love Tangerine Tango.

So we shopped.

Lake Homeggods 009

Darling!  Don’t think I will be buying painted furniture.

Lake Homeggods 011

She is not a fan of the pink.  But she loves the chevron pattern.

Lake Homeggods 012

We found some funky bedding with shades of orange.

Lake Homeggods 014

The softest throw in a deep shade.  She was digging this.

Lake Homeggods 013

Alas, she loved this.  It’s a shower curtain, but a pair would make cute window treatments.

So what did I get?

Lake Homeggods 017

Oh yes I did!  I bought a pair of boots for me!  I will be so happy come fall.

Our HomeGoods is attached to a Marshalls.  You must shop both. It’s required.

Back to the drawing board for orange items!

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Shop Updates

I recently updated B-20 at Heritage Square Antique Mall.  My country-chic theme features numerous finds.  Have a peek.

B20 and lake 005

B20 and lake 006

B20 and lake 007

B20 and lake 015

Plenty of recent finds have made their way to the space. Wood caddy’s, Vintage Bingo items, lots of metal, signs and of course the pair of velvet chairs.

Come shop!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A True Hoarder

I love to gather, collect, find and obviously store treasures.

B20 and lake 002

B20 and lake 003

B20 and lake 004

I stopped by my storage area to grab a few things on my way to Heritage Square Antique Mall.  Needless to say, I could not navigate my way to the back to grab what I wanted.

I opened the door and was overcome with stress.  Snapped a few shots, closed the door and spent the rest of the day trying to remove the images from my mind.

Ugh, the life of a hoarder!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Fall Show!

I am thrilled to be included in this annual show!  Mark your calendar and plan to shop.  You are guaranteed to find unique, one of a kind and restyled gems.

To see wares from other vendors and to get show updates, simply like.

I will also be sharing my treasures through FB at Vintage Restyled at Heritage Square Antique Mall FB – like here. 

I can hardly wait!


Monday, July 23, 2012

Chicken Wire

We have friends visiting from NY this week.  My gal and I have been friends for 36 years!  Crazy huh?

Since she is here with her two sons, we will be spending time at the lake and her favorite haunts in Columbus.  Notice how I did not mention any DIYing or painting? 

Instead this week I will share some projects that I have completed, store updates and some recent finds.

Let’s kick the week off with a project fave.

SV 005

Very old windows have been repurposed with chicken wire.  These three are for sale in Simply Vague.  They will hold jewelry from local designers.

B20 and lake 008

Here’s another one in B-20 at Heritage Square Antique Mall.  It makes the perfect memo board.

I have many more that will be perfect chalkboards.

Rustic, upcycled and repurposed = perfect!

Make it a great Monday!


Friday, July 20, 2012

Buffet Love

Happy Friday!  I am so glad this week is over.  We had two days of storms and two days of swimming championships – not a good mix.  But after a few delays on Thursday, we finished!

I am a proud mom of two great swimmers!  While my 11 year old is competitive and placed high in each race, my 10 year old is all about the food and still manages to place high.  I suppose both approaches work.

Since I have been consumed with swimming this week, I am amazed that I squeezed out a redo!  I felt I owed it to you folks who have stuck with me, and the fact that Simply Vague needed some more furniture!

I found this baby in Indiana.

teal desk 003

It amazes me what people do to furniture.  Hubby asked if they used it for a work bench!  Yes, people it was that bad!

buffet 001

After a ton of wood filler, new trim and lots of sanding, I brought out the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen.

buffet 008

I used a liquid dark wax to give it that old world charm.

SV 007

In the shop.

SV 004

She’s available at Simply Vague in downtown Delaware.

Simply Vague

37 N. Sandusky St., Delaware, OH 43015

Open all weekend!

Restocking B20 022

Great treasures in B-20 & B-10 at Heritage Square Antique Mall.

Open all weekend-

Friday & Saturday until 9:00 pm

Sunday 12-6:00

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

As Found–Cabinet

We have been hoping for rain for months.  We cannot have fires at the lake and our landscaping and grass at home are in agony.

Well, it rained here yesterday.  Right in the beginning of preliminary swim championships.  Oh yeah, complete with thunder and lightening.  It was postponed.


We did manage to come back in the evening and swim varsity prelims.  Needless to say, it was a hot and long day!  Guess what folks?  We will be back today for more.

With the crazy day we had, you can imagine I have nothing transformed to share.

Luckily, I found a wonderful cabinet that I am selling as found.  A simple clean up, a little glue and a few nails and she is heading to Simply Vague.

china 001

There is an old mirror inside on the top.  That’s Lisa in the reflection.  I took this beauty off her hands.  There are also shelves to hold your treasures.

buffet 005

She has curved glass and a door.

buffet 006

buffet 007

Look at the feet!  Just awesome!

She is Shabby Chic and a true find.  Her lines and the curved glass make her a gem.  Painted in cream with a brown glaze, she is pretty neutral and will work in most homes.

I am delivering today before heading to the pool.  She is available at Simply Vague in downtown Delaware.

Hoping for no rain (despite 60% chance) and 70 degree temps!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Got My Tickets!

The last two years, the Country Living Fair has provided inspiration, creativity and shopping therapy.

country living 003

I received my tickets in the mail and plan to arrive early on September 14.

country living 015

The Country Living Fair - Ohio
September 14-15-16, 2012
The pages of Country Living Magazine come to life! Antiques, Artisans, Home, Harvest & so much more. Rain or Shine at Ohio Village! Columbus, Ohio. Advance Discount Tickets On Sale Now. Tickets are ALWAYS available at the box office on fair days.
Watch a video from the 2011 Country Living Fairs!

country living 013

Hope you plan to go, it’ll be worth your time!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Magnificent Home!

About a year ago I met a follower and fellow design junkie.  I loved her immediately.  This past spring I had the pleasure of swinging by her home.  It is stunning!

It is everything I pin on Pinterest, follow on blogs and long for in my home.  The only difference is that Cathy actually pulls it all together and lives this way!

I knew you had to meet Cathy and enjoy the fabulous way she lives.

My Background: I've been a nest featherer since I was 8 years old when I constantly changed around my bedroom (where my prize accessory was a Mark Spitz poster).  I have a teeny-tiny-only-when-people-come-knocking-but-i-seem-to-stay-busy design business called ROOST.  My design training came from my mother who was an amazing decorator in between folding our laundry and cooking. In real life, I am a mom to 3 growing-up-fast kids and a part-time faculty member at a local university where I love teaching Interpersonal Communication.


Part of our summers are spent in a remote Alaskan fishing village where we do Vacation Bible School, Basketball Camps, and have fun with our native Alaskan friends.  We lived in the bush in the summer of 2005 and I decorated our trailer with canned goods, Bisquick boxes, and kids' art.


My Style: Evolving Classic-Modern Farmhouse-Vintage with a touch of Belgium thrown in.  Lately I am taking away more than adding, giving the eye more places to rest. We live in an old home with little natural light which means I use light colored furniture and accessories, for the most part.  Dark fabrics, furniture and accessories tend to soak up light versus adding "light" to our space, if that makes sense.



My Inspiration: My mom, decorating blogs, magazines, other people's homes.




Where I Shop: Springfield Extravaganza, Vintage Restyled, TJ Maxx/Home Goods, Anthropologie.  I once bought the toolbox off the guy installing our air conditioner and furnace.

Thank you Cathy for sharing your magnificent home with us!  I told you all it was fabulous!  Check out more from Cathy at her two blogs:

Thanks for visiting!


Monday, July 16, 2012

On the Road Again

Hi Friends!

I wish I had a makeover to share today.  I wish I had one for tomorrow, for that matter.  Instead of painting, I enjoyed a weekend (Thursday-Sunday) away with friends and family.

It was just what this tired gal needed.

While I did not paint, I did score some treasures!

Cue the Sanford & Son tune…

fifes at lake 006

A shot of the back of my van.

fifes at lake 005

A side shot.

No worries, my kids and dog traveled with Hubby.  I did not squeeze them in, they would have taken up too much space!

Instead of sharing a makeover, I will be sharing some found treasures this week.  As a special bonus my friend Cathy will be sharing photos of her home.  It is magnificent!  You will be blown away!

See you soon-