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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Ugly Stepsister

I like being busy.  Unfortunately, I have surpassed busy and am overwhelmed.  It’s summer, I’m supposed to be hanging at the pool, sleeping in and throwing my schedule away.  Not so much.

Because I have been working toward the opening of Simply Vague on July 1, my other spaces at Heritage Square Antique Mall have been neglected.

They needed some love.

I spent most of my day rearranging, swapping out and then putting it all back together.

Here are a few shots of B-20.

breakfront 004

breakfront 005

Lots of rusty and crusty horseshoes.

breakfront 007

Great wreath made of sticks.

breakfront 008

You’ll find mirrors, lots of scales and sale items.

breakfront 009

If you missed out on the aqua doors, I have another one in B-20.

breakfront 010

Vintage chandi is fabulous.  Lots of wood tennis racquets.

breakfront 011

breakfront 012

Beautiful sofa table - finished in a Restoration Hardware look.

breakfront 014

Lots of great finds are now in place.  The poor stepsister has received some love.

Have a great day!


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