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Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer has Arrived!

Yesterday was our last day of school! 

end of school 001

My soon to be 5th grader!

end of school 007

Middle school (6th grade) – here she comes!

end of school 008

As the school year began to wind down, we had so many additional projects, field trips, ceremonies, pool day, field day, it was hard to get it all done and keep it straight!

We enjoyed the egg drop with the 4th grade.

end of school 013

There is my kiddo dropping her egg. The kids must build protection for the egg.  They could only use straws and scotch tape.  Then they had to drop them from the stadium bleachers.  Many of the kids eggs survived, including our kiddo.  (All the practice attempts have left egg splatter every where!)

While daughter #2 was busy with her egg, daughter #1 was graduating elementary school and preparing for middle school! 

Look at that Motley Crew of 5th graders!  I worked with so many of them they were a great group of kids.

dresser 003

So with the festivities behind us, we are eager to welcome summer!

I will start by sleeping in!

Have a great weekend!


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