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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Store Updates

Vintage Restyled has been totally neglected recently.  I threw myself into preparing the house for sale and in doing so packed my paint brushes away, cleaned the garage and moved all my inventory to storage.

I have to say, I truly miss painting.  I have discovered that it’s a stress relief for me.  With exciting things on the horizon for Vintage Restyled, I am figuring out a way to incorporate it back into my daily routine.

In the meantime, I tweaked both of my spaces last week.  It was a quick trip with mainly smalls added, but I thought I could share and prove that Vintage Restyled is still open for business!

Upon arrival…pretty bad!

garage sale and house 002

garage sale and house 005

garage sale and house 006

space update 013

space update 014

space update 017

space update 012

space update 011

space update 001

space update 003

Old slate tiles – I used chalk to make it a cheese board.  Lots of possibilities.  Only $5!

space update 004

space update 009

I have marked down lots of items!  We have some changes coming for Vintage Restyled.



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