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Friday, June 1, 2012

Officially for Sale

Happy Friday!

All our effort has lead us to today – our house is officially on the market!  In less than two weeks we have de-cluttered, cleaned, replaced carpet, changed some things around and purged.  Both Hubby and I love this house – especially when it’s this clean and organized!

Anyway, I have shared the following:

  1. The Upstairs
  2. My Craft Room/6th bedroom
  3. Our Basement
  4. Our beloved Pub
  5. Outside

And now I have photos of our main living area – the first floor.

Now, these pictures were taken with my i-phone.  Thankfully, our realtor brought in a professional photographer, so the photos are so much better!

house tour 011

garage sale and house 088

house tour 013

house tour 015

house tour 019

house tour 050

house tour 051

Off our mud room you will find a closet converted to lockers.  This was the best DIY project that Hubby and I tackled to date!

space update 023

space update 021

garage sale and house 040

garage sale and house 042

garage sale and house 085

garage sale and house 084

Check out my ultra cool tobacco basket:

garage sale and house 086

We also have a first floor master.  I’m afraid I will crash your system if I add any more photos!

Have a great weekend!  I’ll be back with some projects next week!




Anonymous said...

Looks gorgeous! But then again it always did!

Who's sexy legs are showing in the photo of the living room...reflection off mirror? Give Michael hugs from me.

Polly said...

Good luck selling Shannon! Looks gorgeous!

Cathy said...

love that tobacco basket! :) your house looks fab -- i know it will sell quickly!

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