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Monday, June 25, 2012

Make a Statement

Happy Monday!

Hope you had a great weekend!  I’m going to gloss over ours – lets just say it didn’t go as planned!

A positive that came out of my disrupted weekend was I could get some stuff accomplished.  I’m not caught up by any means, but I am closer.

A piece I did complete is a statement piece.  The color came out perfectly.

Simply Vague 009

I had this dresser in storage.  It was in good shape, it was just dated.

red dresser 003

We stripped the top and painted the rest in Emperors Silk (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint).

When the paint is applied, it can be a bit frightening.  It is RED.

red dresser 005

After applying the clear wax, I started applying Annie Sloan Dark Wax.  The dark wax certainly tones it down and gives it a rich finish.

red dresser 018

I removed the brass hardware and gave it an oil rubbed bronze finish.  The stained top completes the makeover.

red dresser 024

It has been delivered to Simply Vague and is available for sale July 1st!


Thank you to the ladies who contacted me to purchase items that I featured on Friday!  Someone was interested in The Beast.

Simply Vague 008red dresser 019

The dimensions for the tv area:

With doors open: 55” corner to corner (diagonal)

Door to door: 39” (straight across)

Top to bottom with doors open: 43”

The black insert can be removed.

Overall dimensions:

85 tall

49 wide

27 deep

If you are interested in purchasing The Beast, contact me directly at  I plan to paint it Tuesday and Wednesday!

Have a great day!


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