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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Latest Find

While at the lake I found a few treasures.  I plan to share photos once I get everything unpacked and put in place.

One item that is by far my fave is this basket. 

lake scores 008

Isn’t she pretty?

lake scores 009

It says 57 on both sides.  It has metal reinforcements on the top and the basket itself.

cottage june 014

I am in love!

The seller told me it was a tobacco basket, but I can’t verify this.

The fancy script looks like H. Bros. to me, but when I search I come up with unrelated items.

So, if you know any details on my prized gem-please share.

For now I am holding on to her.  But it won’t be long before she ends up in a space!



Jamie said...

That basket is amazing.

Lisa said...

It's very beachy and summery. Are you going to leave it as is or work some magic on it?

Polly said...

that is definitely a gem! love

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