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Friday, June 15, 2012

A Colossal Project Averted

A few months ago I painted the kitchen cabinets at the cottage.  Yep, all the cabinets, drawers and the island – in 2 days.  There was nothing pleasant about this job. 

Except for the outcome

As we stay here, I am pleased every morning when I walk in and see the bright white of the kitchen cabinets and the light grey of the island.

It was worth the headache of painting them.

Now that we are here and we have more time, I need to wax all of the painted surfaces.

I continue to put this off.  In fact I am dreading this step.

While waiting for the cable guy, I had nothing better to do, so I started playing around with my waxes.

table 004

I used clear wax on both cabinet doors.  Remember, I have to wax both sides of each door.

Then decided to get creative with the dark wax.

table 005

Just a little antiquing I thought.

table 006

Then a little more.

Then the next door.

And you know what?

I do not like it.  I like the white.  Just plain, bright and simple.

Spray pain chicago lake 316

And the grey island.

Spray pain chicago lake 313

Let’s not forget that I painted the table and chairs too!  These need to be waxed as well.  Ugh!

Spray pain chicago lake 335

I am confident that it is not laziness.  It’s just a preference and I am liking the crisp, clean look of white.

Have a great weekend!  I know I will, since I will not be waxing!



Lisa said...

Good on you Shannon, there's nothing prettier than a crisp clean white kitchen. The only wax you should be thinking about this time of year is a bikini wax LOL :-)

Maureen said...

I'm with the crisp white!

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