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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Beast

A friend of a friend was moving and unloading furniture.  Because I can’t pass up a good deal (or a piece of furniture), I agreed to get the items.

I rented a 16 foot truck and made several trips around Columbus picking up and delivering load after load.  Just to make the whole experience more enjoyable, the temperature was a balmy 90.

It took 3 of us to load and unload The Beast.

Simply Vague 006 

This Thomasville armoire weighs a ton and is solid all the way around.

The pine does nothing for me.  So I must paint her and give her a new life.


The Beast will take some effort, but I think she will look great in a home either holding a tv or repurposed.  The detail is amazing.

So the debate continues…Old White or Distressed Gray?  Have an opinion?  Please share.  I am ordering paint today.

Simply Vague 008

We delivered it to my new location which opens July 1.  I plan to paint The Beast at the shop.  Details to come.



Lets just build a house! said...

Old white! She is going to be a beauty!

Jamie said...

I'd go white - she's so big I think lighter might be better

Virgin said...

I think, white can be great choice for this and can make your place elegant and peace and to get more ideas regarding feature of white click here and hope to get desired answer.

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