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Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Revived Chair

My friend Karen thought of me when she was doing some spring cleaning!

Love it when people are tossing stuff and think of me!

Karen had this chair that she had attacked with a power washer, but was not getting it back to the condition she wanted.

sale yellow chair 016

I must admit, it had seen better days. 

sale yellow chair 017

To liven up my small front porch, I grabbed some spray paint in a fun color.

sale yellow chair 025

She needs a bit more love, but she is so much prettier.

And now she will welcome folks as they arrive.

sale yellow chair 026

sale yellow chair 027

We are pulling the outside together today and then we begin with the basement.  Oh my!

Make it a great day!



Antonella @ Love Your Home said...

I like the new colour! The plant looks fantastic on it.

Anonymous said...

It is so cute! I really need 2 of these for our back porch to bookend my littl milking stool/table.

Jamie said...

It is so sunny and happy now.

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