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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our House Tour-Upstairs

Welcome back!

Hope you had a relaxing long weekend!  Ours was filled with soccer and a garage sale.

It was great meeting some blog friends at our garage sale.  I love meeting folks that have purchased pieces from Vintage Restyled!

Now that we have moved a lot of crap out and de-cluttered the basement, we have moved on to the main floor and the top floor.  Today I will be sharing the upstairs.  The house will be shown this weekend, so we are hard at work.

The upstairs features 3 bedrooms and a den/playroom.  It has 2 full baths.

Last summer we redid the den, the guest room and both bathrooms, so as we prepare the house for potential buyers, we only had to tweak the rooms (thankfully).

Here’s a peek:

garage sale and house 051

garage sale and house 054

garage sale and house 063

garage sale and house 066

I had to show you the empty closet!

The den and the guest room I was able to select most of the items.  But when it came time to redo the girls rooms, they took over.

garage sale and house 059

garage sale and house 058

garage sale and house 047

garage sale and house 048

There you have it.  The upstairs rooms.  We have photographers coming today, so we will be finishing a few things this morning and hopefully have time to tweak some more.

I don’t remember moving being so much work!  But that’s probably because we waited 8 years.

Have a great Tuesday!


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Jamie said...

Wow - what a gorgeous house! I don't know that I could leave it.

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