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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our Basement

This time of year is always crazy busy.  The girls are finishing school and teachers are cramming in everything they can, the select soccer season is winding down and we had one tournament this past weekend and another one coming up over Memorial Day.  Then tryouts start next week.  With everything else we have on a regular basis, we decide to throw in a garage sale and a move.

I need some strength.

So as we quickly prepare to place our current home on the market (June 1), I realized I have not shared photos.  I love to look at pictures of peoples projects within their home. 

Hubby and I developed a plan to get our home “show-worthy”.  We started in the basement, where we store the most stuff.

We finished the basement 41/2 years ago.  We are thrilled that we did.  It has been the spot for parties, sleepovers, birthday parties, projects and family movie nights.

Without any more babbling, I will let the pictures tell the story.

basement 037

basement 046

Our main living area. 

basement 044

The open door in the back leads to the indoor soccer field.

basement 043

The open door leads to my craft room or a 5th bedroom.

To the right of the craft room, you can see our Pub.  Oh, how we love our Pub.

basement 038

Our TV sits on a custom built cabinet.  When you open the door, our cable, surround sound and DVD player are tucked in.

basement 041

We’ve had a ping pong table set up here, but it’s been replaced with the Foosball Table.

If anyone noticed, I have wood tables down here.  Yes, unpainted furniture!  The furniture features a design that carries through on all the pieces.  There are 2 shelving cabinets with doors, coffee table, sofa table and 2 end tables.

I am selling most of the pieces, the couch and loveseat, along with some décor items.

Our new home does not have a basement, so this room and its contents will have to find another home.

Hubby built an indoor soccer arena (as he calls it).  We have hosted a team tournament here in the winter.  It has been well used by all of us!

basement 005

One goal.

basement 004

The second goal.

Since this is our unfinished part, we use every inch for storage.

basement 003

The girls use a Futsal ball.  This ball is heavier and doesn’t fly in the air like a regular ball.

basement 001

As you can see, we have been hard at work.  We are cleaning out, so we pulled everything down and sorted.  Yikes – it was a lot of work.  It feels so much better to donate, garage sale and discard items!

basement 002

This is what it looks like 24 hours later.


I will be back tomorrow to share the craft room and our beloved Pub.



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Wow - your life sounds very, very full right now. Good luck with everything.

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