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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How to Clean Grout

As we prepare to put our house on the market, we have been de-cluttering, rearranging and cleaning.
In our bathrooms and mudroom we have ceramic tile.  The neutral color has a light grout.  It’s unrealistic to think it won’t get dirty.  The good news is we found a natural and effective way to clean and renew the grout.
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 cups white vinegar
  • 3 Tablespoons baking soda
Now, if you have ever mixed these ingredients together you know that when you put the baking soda in, it will react with the vinegar and bubble all over the place.  Just be prepared.
Since we were doing a large area, we mixed the water and vinegar and spread the baking soda on the grout.  When we were ready we spread the water/vinegar over it and let it react on the floor.
We used a toothbrush and a scrub brush to clean.
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garage sale and house 067
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grout 001
We can mark that daunting task off our list!


Jamie said...

Ugh, I hate cleaning grout. I may have to give your recipe a try next time I'm force to do it.

Erin Brown said...

Shannon - I found you through Pinterest today and my grout & I thank you! I am your newest follower.

Anonymous said...

I just tried it and it actually works! I've tried many other things that didn't work at all. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Does it make the floor shine?

Unknown said...

Does this work on grout that isn't white, such as a dark cream color?

Kate Welling said...

It's that time again where my tiles need some serious deep cleaning. Last time I did it, I was on my knees for a while since I was scrubbing with a short brush. Never again. I saw a pin, where a lady cleaned hers with a long handle brush! That is what I need! I initially did it with just warm water, which it helped! I will try it adding vinegar and baking soda this time around!

Anonymous said...

I tried this recipe and it left a residue on the floor that I could not remove by mopping twice with my steam cleaner - any suggestions on how to get the residue off the floor?

Robert said...

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Anonymous said...

Add a little lemon grass oil for a great scent!

Robert said...

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Richard C. Lambert said...

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Unknown said...

leave it to dry then sweep it up first with a broom then the vacuum before you wash the floor

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