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Thursday, May 31, 2012

House Tour–Outside

We have one day left to clean out and clean up before our house is officially on the market.  It has been a hectic 2 weeks to say the least. 

Why don’t we always live like this?  In a clean, organized home.

Since things are getting in order, I thought I would share the outside of our home.  While we do not have a large yard, we have plenty of space to play tag, soccer and games.  And I love that I can manage the maintenance!  We also thoroughly enjoy our outdoor living – including the fireplace and patio.

house tour 037

house tour 038

house tour 041

house tour 035

house tour 033

house tour 036

We have extensive landscaping all the way around the house.  Landscaping is Hubby’s passion.  We had professionals complete the patio and the fireplace, as well as the landscaping about 6 years ago.  Hubby has added and maintained it over the years.  It has grown nicely and has created a lovely, private oasis in the back.

I will be back tomorrow with photos of our main floor.  The clock is ticking, so gotta finish some things up around here!



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