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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Craft Room

As we continue to clear out and get our house ready to sell, I thought I would share the home we have lived in for 8 years.
Yesterday I started with our basement – main living area and our indoor soccer arena.
Today, I share the craft room.
My craft room was originally designed for the kids as a playroom.  But, they preferred the upstairs playroom, so I took it over.
basement 027
It is a 5th bedroom, but since we didn’t need another bedroom, I moved ALL my stuff in!
basement 028
My crafting started with scrapbooking, so you can see the numerous books I have completed.  (Although now I am far behind.)
basement 032
Hubby and I put in the work space.  The kids use it for projects and crafts too.
basement 030
I’ve had different desks in here, but have opted for the oversized table.  It suits my needs the best.  The chalkboard gives me a place to jot notes, or the girls leave me messages.
basement 034
There is a double door closet that I use for storage.  And yes, I have a lot to store!
I will not have a craft room in our new place, so I am thinking long and hard about my needs.  Most bins are filled with photos.  I just cannot seem to scan them and store electronically.  I must find a better method to my madness!
Stop back tomorrow for the Pub reveal.  That is the one room we will miss the most!

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michelle@decorandthedog said...

I'm jealous. I have one of our bedrooms as a craft room but my junk is just thrown in it. We need to decide if we're having kids or not because I don't want to make-over a room and then turn it into a nursery. Life decisions are hard.

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