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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


When Hubby and I were at the cottage this weekend, I stopped by to visit my Amish boyfriend.  You may recall that he worked his magic on these chairs:

Too many projects 016

I brought Mr. Lester my latest chair. 

He took one look at it and said,”someone ruined this chair by painting it.  Some people do the dumbest things.”

My response,”I know, the nerve!.”

Let me share some pictures, that may tell you who that dumb person was.

Amish chair 001

As found at a barn.  The wood was dry but there was no paint.

Amish chair 004

I decided on Annie Sloan Paris Gray for the wood.

To make matters worse for Mr. Lester, I changed my mind and did a coat of Old White.

Amish chair 005

Not one but two coats of paint.  Just to make sure it was on for good, I waxed it.  Yep, Mr. Lester is not happy with the person who painted this beauty.

Of course I couldn’t admit it was me.  Because now I am paying the Amish price for his work.  If you paint furniture you will pay the English price.

I’m too thrifty, so I had to lie.

Please don’t rat me out.



Rachel@hammeringourwayhome said...

HAHAHA caught red handed. Good for you keeping your cool though. I would have started blushing and ratted myself out!

Beth H said...

Shannon you are too funny!! Can't wait to see an after photo! I am all set up in J08...take a look when you get a chance. I stopped by your booths. Love that plate rack!!

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