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Monday, May 7, 2012

A Birthday Wish

Today is Hubby’s birthday.  There was a time when he wished for material items.

This birthday wish was to park his car in the garage.

Sounds simple right?

We spent 4+ hours making that possible.  Ugh!

cleaning 043

cleaning 042

My little stash in the corner!  Stuff in progress and even finished goods!

cleaning 039

Lots of my paint and supplies are in a cabinet!

cleaning 045

We have piles for the lake, Goodwill and another garage sale.

So where did all the crap stuff go?

cleaning 049

cleaning 050

To my storage.  Oh yeah, this baby is full!

Mind you, this was no easy task. 

cleaning 057

Happy Birthday Hubby!



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Polly said...

can you come to my house and help me make that happen?!?!?!? that is my hubby's wish too!

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