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Thursday, May 31, 2012

House Tour–Outside

We have one day left to clean out and clean up before our house is officially on the market.  It has been a hectic 2 weeks to say the least. 

Why don’t we always live like this?  In a clean, organized home.

Since things are getting in order, I thought I would share the outside of our home.  While we do not have a large yard, we have plenty of space to play tag, soccer and games.  And I love that I can manage the maintenance!  We also thoroughly enjoy our outdoor living – including the fireplace and patio.

house tour 037

house tour 038

house tour 041

house tour 035

house tour 033

house tour 036

We have extensive landscaping all the way around the house.  Landscaping is Hubby’s passion.  We had professionals complete the patio and the fireplace, as well as the landscaping about 6 years ago.  Hubby has added and maintained it over the years.  It has grown nicely and has created a lovely, private oasis in the back.

I will be back tomorrow with photos of our main floor.  The clock is ticking, so gotta finish some things up around here!



Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How to Clean Grout

As we prepare to put our house on the market, we have been de-cluttering, rearranging and cleaning.
In our bathrooms and mudroom we have ceramic tile.  The neutral color has a light grout.  It’s unrealistic to think it won’t get dirty.  The good news is we found a natural and effective way to clean and renew the grout.
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 cups white vinegar
  • 3 Tablespoons baking soda
Now, if you have ever mixed these ingredients together you know that when you put the baking soda in, it will react with the vinegar and bubble all over the place.  Just be prepared.
Since we were doing a large area, we mixed the water and vinegar and spread the baking soda on the grout.  When we were ready we spread the water/vinegar over it and let it react on the floor.
We used a toothbrush and a scrub brush to clean.
garage sale and house 029
garage sale and house 067
garage sale and house 071
grout 001
We can mark that daunting task off our list!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our House Tour-Upstairs

Welcome back!

Hope you had a relaxing long weekend!  Ours was filled with soccer and a garage sale.

It was great meeting some blog friends at our garage sale.  I love meeting folks that have purchased pieces from Vintage Restyled!

Now that we have moved a lot of crap out and de-cluttered the basement, we have moved on to the main floor and the top floor.  Today I will be sharing the upstairs.  The house will be shown this weekend, so we are hard at work.

The upstairs features 3 bedrooms and a den/playroom.  It has 2 full baths.

Last summer we redid the den, the guest room and both bathrooms, so as we prepare the house for potential buyers, we only had to tweak the rooms (thankfully).

Here’s a peek:

garage sale and house 051

garage sale and house 054

garage sale and house 063

garage sale and house 066

I had to show you the empty closet!

The den and the guest room I was able to select most of the items.  But when it came time to redo the girls rooms, they took over.

garage sale and house 059

garage sale and house 058

garage sale and house 047

garage sale and house 048

There you have it.  The upstairs rooms.  We have photographers coming today, so we will be finishing a few things this morning and hopefully have time to tweak some more.

I don’t remember moving being so much work!  But that’s probably because we waited 8 years.

Have a great Tuesday!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our Pub & Garage Sale

Getting ready for the garage sale and preparing to sell has been an eye opening experience.  Since I am a true hoarder, I believe I have passed that on to my girls.  Hubby also has a touch of “hoarders syndrome”.

I shared our basement living area and soccer arena, my craft space and now our Pub.  Hubby and I got the idea to build a pub after visiting numerous homes in the annual parade of homes 5 years ago.  While we hired out the drywall, everything else was our doing.

basement 014

basement 015

We had a 55 gallon fish tank on the left wall but have already disassembled it and placed it in the garage sale pile.

basement 016

basement 017

The open door is a full bathroom.

basement 018

basement 020

Most of the items on the wall are sentimental.  The megaphone is my mom’s from her cheerleading days in high school.  The tools are Hubby’s great grandfathers, grandfathers and dads.

basement 024

Behind the bar is plenty of storage.

basement 022

A fridge is tucked away behind doors.

basement 026

With lights down low, it gives a cozy feel for a gathering.

The girls had a play date shortly after we finished this room.  They love to play restaurant, take orders and serve up some faux food.  Their friend went home and said, “we played happy hour!”

I had some explaining to do to the 6-year olds mom!

Hubby did an amazing job on the bar.  It feels good when you sit down and it’s rock solid.  You could dance on it.  We haven’t…but you could.

This is the room we will miss the most!



garage sale

Friday & Saturday 9-11 am

Friday 4-7 pm

Email me and I will send you our address.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Craft Room

As we continue to clear out and get our house ready to sell, I thought I would share the home we have lived in for 8 years.
Yesterday I started with our basement – main living area and our indoor soccer arena.
Today, I share the craft room.
My craft room was originally designed for the kids as a playroom.  But, they preferred the upstairs playroom, so I took it over.
basement 027
It is a 5th bedroom, but since we didn’t need another bedroom, I moved ALL my stuff in!
basement 028
My crafting started with scrapbooking, so you can see the numerous books I have completed.  (Although now I am far behind.)
basement 032
Hubby and I put in the work space.  The kids use it for projects and crafts too.
basement 030
I’ve had different desks in here, but have opted for the oversized table.  It suits my needs the best.  The chalkboard gives me a place to jot notes, or the girls leave me messages.
basement 034
There is a double door closet that I use for storage.  And yes, I have a lot to store!
I will not have a craft room in our new place, so I am thinking long and hard about my needs.  Most bins are filled with photos.  I just cannot seem to scan them and store electronically.  I must find a better method to my madness!
Stop back tomorrow for the Pub reveal.  That is the one room we will miss the most!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our Basement

This time of year is always crazy busy.  The girls are finishing school and teachers are cramming in everything they can, the select soccer season is winding down and we had one tournament this past weekend and another one coming up over Memorial Day.  Then tryouts start next week.  With everything else we have on a regular basis, we decide to throw in a garage sale and a move.

I need some strength.

So as we quickly prepare to place our current home on the market (June 1), I realized I have not shared photos.  I love to look at pictures of peoples projects within their home. 

Hubby and I developed a plan to get our home “show-worthy”.  We started in the basement, where we store the most stuff.

We finished the basement 41/2 years ago.  We are thrilled that we did.  It has been the spot for parties, sleepovers, birthday parties, projects and family movie nights.

Without any more babbling, I will let the pictures tell the story.

basement 037

basement 046

Our main living area. 

basement 044

The open door in the back leads to the indoor soccer field.

basement 043

The open door leads to my craft room or a 5th bedroom.

To the right of the craft room, you can see our Pub.  Oh, how we love our Pub.

basement 038

Our TV sits on a custom built cabinet.  When you open the door, our cable, surround sound and DVD player are tucked in.

basement 041

We’ve had a ping pong table set up here, but it’s been replaced with the Foosball Table.

If anyone noticed, I have wood tables down here.  Yes, unpainted furniture!  The furniture features a design that carries through on all the pieces.  There are 2 shelving cabinets with doors, coffee table, sofa table and 2 end tables.

I am selling most of the pieces, the couch and loveseat, along with some d├ęcor items.

Our new home does not have a basement, so this room and its contents will have to find another home.

Hubby built an indoor soccer arena (as he calls it).  We have hosted a team tournament here in the winter.  It has been well used by all of us!

basement 005

One goal.

basement 004

The second goal.

Since this is our unfinished part, we use every inch for storage.

basement 003

The girls use a Futsal ball.  This ball is heavier and doesn’t fly in the air like a regular ball.

basement 001

As you can see, we have been hard at work.  We are cleaning out, so we pulled everything down and sorted.  Yikes – it was a lot of work.  It feels so much better to donate, garage sale and discard items!

basement 002

This is what it looks like 24 hours later.


I will be back tomorrow to share the craft room and our beloved Pub.


Monday, May 21, 2012

No Work at All

Happy Monday All,

It was a beautiful, hot weekend here in Ohio and we spent both days at a soccer tournament.  Both girls played but at different fields, so Hubby and I spent the time between games driving across town.

Between the 8:00 AM games on both days, the heat and sun and squeezing in 8 games, we are pretty wiped.

But, we do have the U11 tournament champions!

interior of house 086

This is a terrific group of girls and they played their hearts out.

As you can imagine, we accomplished nothing, despite our huge to-do list.

I will be sharing our garage sale goods as we gather them.  We have a ton of stuff!


Friday, May 18, 2012


garage sale

Saturday, May 26


I am giving you advance notice that we are SELLING IT ALL, including the house!

We are participating in the annual neighborhood garage sale, but in addition I am selling the contents of my storage, my garage and items from my home.

cleaning 050

I have tons of furniture, Christmas items, dishes, craft and scrapbook supplies and lots of home accessories.  Kids stuff too.

You like rustic? Got it.

Shabby Chic? Got it.

DIY Projects? Yep, Got that too!

And here is a special treat for all you loyal readers –

early bird

Friday, May 25

9-12 & 4-7pm

(and by appt.)

Come ready to load up!

If you are looking for something, email me at

Also – HUGE Markdowns in space B-20 going on now!

(I’m off to Springfield, but only to buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – nothing else!  I hope I stay strong!)

Enjoy the weekend!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Revived Chair

My friend Karen thought of me when she was doing some spring cleaning!

Love it when people are tossing stuff and think of me!

Karen had this chair that she had attacked with a power washer, but was not getting it back to the condition she wanted.

sale yellow chair 016

I must admit, it had seen better days. 

sale yellow chair 017

To liven up my small front porch, I grabbed some spray paint in a fun color.

sale yellow chair 025

She needs a bit more love, but she is so much prettier.

And now she will welcome folks as they arrive.

sale yellow chair 026

sale yellow chair 027

We are pulling the outside together today and then we begin with the basement.  Oh my!

Make it a great day!