Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Manly Desk

Black seems to be my color of choice for a few pieces lately. I hope you’ll agree that this desk screamed black.

I originally started with Annie Sloan Old White for this antique.

early march 077

The color of the wood came right through the paint.  Not good.

So I applied another coat.  Still not good.

So I left the desk for a few months a while hoping I could find inspiration.

The top of the desk is leather and has a wood outline.  You can see where I sanded the wood.

early march 077

It seemed rather manly to me.  So I busted out the black latex paint.

black desk 007

I stained the wood on top and cleaned up the leather.

black desk 008

I was able to use the beautiful original hardware.

black desk 013

Forgive me – it’s a manly desk and has the heft to go along with it.  Wasn’t able to drag it outside for a better photo.

early march 077

black desk 013

It’s a great restyled antique desk.  I am pleased with the black.  Hope you like!



house painter phoenix said...

Nicely restored. You have retained its original look.

DecorandtheDog said...

Fancy! Black was definitely the way to go!

Nicole @My Thrafty Life said...

Black turned out great!

Tat @ Mum in search said...

Wow, totally unrecognisable! I wouldn't mind one of those desks. The problem with the cheap and modern desk I have now is that it keeps on falling apart (apart from not looking half as good).

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james edward said...

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