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Monday, April 2, 2012

Laying New Floors at the Cottage

Hubby and I planned to tackle a “small” DIY project at the cottage this past week.  We researched and purchased all the materials needed to lay a new floor in 2 bedrooms.

The Plan:

  1. We would remove the nasty carpet that came with the cottage when we purchased it nearly 6 years ago;
  2. Fix the walls and paint in Grey Bear flat;
  3. Install the flooring;
  4. Finish with 3” baseboard trim.

When I mentioned our plan to friends, the response was overwhelming, “My husband and I would kill each other.”

Well, we are still married probably because I did nothing.  Nada.  I was busy tackling another unplanned project.  More on that later.

Spray pain chicago lake 247

Isn’t it pretty?  Both bedrooms were covered in this maroon carpet.

Spray pain chicago lake 249

Just removing the two sets of bunk beds was a project in itself!

Spray pain chicago lake 250

We discovered lovely tile underneath.

Spray pain chicago lake 252

Daughter #2 rocked the crowbar.

Spray pain chicago lake 259

Just look at the floor in bedroom #2.  For all you NA folks, it was pretty cool – retro school colors.  But, it was not the cottage look we were going for.

At this stage, the walls were painted.  So much easier to paint when you could care less about the floors!

And here is the finished flooring:

Spray pain chicago lake 286

Ahhh…so much better.

Spray pain chicago lake 275

Not without a few injuries.

Spray pain chicago lake 306

More fun- moving the beds back.

Spray pain chicago lake 305

Not a lot of space in here.

The second bedroom went much like the first.

Spray pain chicago lake 298

The girls rolled on the paint.  Enough said!

Spray pain chicago lake 310

No styling of the bed.  This was a last minute shot.  Just letting you know we managed to put the room back together.

Spray pain chicago lake 308

Within 2 days both rooms were completed.  It moved quickly and was relatively easy.  It would be much, much easier on a level floor!

We are so happy to have that carpet outta there and love the new look.

Lots more on the cottage to come soon!  We were busy!



michelle@decorandthedog said...

I totally would have kept the checkered floor. ;)

The floor looks fantastic. Looks like you have plenty of room for me to visit. Oh, it's rude to invite yourself places?

Anonymous said...

Looks amazing Shan! What a job in 2 days. xo-Ra

Jamie said...

It looks amazing - can you come to my house next?

Anonymous said...

I hope you left them tiles underneath as they where, hard to tell but look like they may be asbestos tiles!

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