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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hired Help & Getting it Done

Hi All,

One of the things I love most about my business is the thrill of the hunt.  It’s amazing to take a discarded item and transform it or repurpose it.  Since I love the hunt, I have accumulated a bit more than I can get to.

With Hubby’s guidance, I have limited myself.  I cannot bring new items in without finishing what I have already.  Easier said than done, especially since I secretly shopped on Monday!

The stuff in the garage did not excite me.  I just kept avoiding the 6 chairs, misc. tables, frames etc.

To get moving, I hired my 13-year-old neighbor to assist.  She was hard working and eager to paint!  Just what I needed.

house and projects 012

See the gal standing behind the hard working neighbor?  Yea, that’s my kid.  My kid that wants nothing to do with paint!

But then Daughter #1 got involved.

house and projects 013

Let me show you some of what they were able to accomplish.

house and projects 008

Step 1 – as found.

house and projects 009

Step 2 – paint aqua.

house and projects 030

Step 3 – paint with grey.

chairs 031

We had another abandoned chair.  This had been painted oil-based green.  Rather than strip it, we scraped the peeling paint and painted over it.

house and projects 011

You can see the original green, as she paints with the blue.

chairs 029

I love how the green shows through along with the gray and blue.  I did sand it lightly and covered it with a stain to bring all the colors together.

chairs 028

chairs 027

Poor girl also painted 4-farm chairs.  Wonder if she’ll ever come back?

She did help me tremendously!  I needed to have these done!  I am forever thankful for the help!

Have a great day!


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