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Friday, April 27, 2012

Hello Weekend!

I hope you share my enthusiasm for the weekend! 

Hubby and I are heading out of town in honor of 17 years of marriage! 

That is a long time.  

In preparation for a quick getaway, I restocked both spaces. 

I also marked down a ton of items!

Have a look.

store update 019

Yes, the buffet sold.  I’m busy finishing some items to fill the space.

store update 002

This 100+ year old window has been repurposed with chicken wire.

store update 007

Vintage hankies hang from a frame finished with chicken wire in B-20.

store update 018

The red caddy is fantastic!  It has different size cubbies to hold just about anything!

store update 021

store update 020

store update 022

store update 008

store update 009

This bakers rack is the perfect potting bench!

store update 010

A pair of wood window/flower boxes hold terra cotta pots.  When you’re ready to plant, there are lots of items.

store update 011

store update 016

I couldn’t resist the groovy file box.  Next to it, are vintage cameras complete with the cases. 

store update 013

Someone needs to buy this Hoosier cabinet!  It needs to go!  Hubby wants me to paint it but I must say, I’m not feeling it!

We are off for some R&R, hope to hit an auction, run through some garage sales and complete a book or two.  No Projects!

If you’re ready to shop…Heritage Square Antique Mall Friday and Saturday 10-9 and Sunday 12-6.  Spaces B-10 & B-20.

Have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! Have a beautiful weekend together! Love you guys-Ra xo

Heather @ The JUNKtion said...

Your booth looks great! I just did an old window with chicken wire too. I posted about it a couple blog posts ago! Enjoy your getaway!

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